Cake Flavors:

White vanilla/almond - a classic bridal cake with vanilla and a hint of almond.                  Strawberry - this fresh tasting cake pairs well with either our buttercream or cream cheese icing.

Red-velvet - a Southern classic, this cake has a light chocolate taste which pairs splendidly with our traditional cream cheese icing.

German chocolate - a lighter chocolate cake which pairs perfectly with our  buttercream icing.

Lemon - both cream cheese icing and buttercream pair nicely with the light lemon flavor.

Rich chocolate - a deep chocolate cake which pairs well with buttercream icing.

Bailey's chocolate - a rich chocolate cake infused with Irish Cream flavor that is complimented with our buttercream icing.

Italian cream - a coconut cake brimming with toasted pecans and coconut flakes that creates the perfect base for our cream cheese icing.

Coconut cake - We suggest our cream cheese icing for this cake.

Icing Flavors:

* Select either of these for custom decorated cakes. If you choose a fondant finish for your cake, we guarantee that there will be plenty of icing underneath for taste.

classic buttercream - this lightly sweetened favorite complements all of our cake flavors.

cream cheese icing - light, slightly tangy and oh, so good.

Specialty Icing Flavors:

* Any of the specialty flavors may be used for un-decorated or classic groom's cakes.

German chocolate

rich chocolate

salted caramel


pineapple -  compliments our white vanilla/almond and lemon cakes.

lemon curd - pairs well with our white vanilla/almond cake. 

strawberry - tastes lovely with our white vanilla/almond, rich chocolate, Italian cream and and lemon cakes.

raspberry  - compliments our white vanilla/almond, rich chocolate, Italian cream and lemon cakes. 

blackberry -  pairs well with our white vanilla/almond, rich chocolate, and lemon cakes.

caramel - pairs well with all of our chocolate cakes.

turtle - a rich combination of caramel, pecans and chocolate chips, this filling compliments all of our chocolate cakes. 

German chocolate - this classic pecan and coconut filling is the perfect choice for the German chocolate cake.

peanut butter - is great with our rich chocolate cake.